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On the 10 April 1979 Ms Brigitte Fröde established Fröde Stahl GmbH in Oberhausen (Rheinland) The city where her residence and business used to be located. Her company has been running under her own management ever since its registration. In 1982 she moved her company, as well as her private residence to Münster (Hessen) Following a merger with a processing plant, and warehousing site of steel products for the construction industry. The enterprise is supplemented by a wholesale business of rolled steel products that operated until the middle of the 90th. Our chief executive examined, selected, and placed orders for steel products of steel works of almost each continent. The orders were shipped in to large seaports for intercompany commerce all over the German market. Ms Fröde has always regarded her business, and the requirements of her contractual partners as her personal duty even if, quite naturally, she needed a few colleagues to help her with a variety of tasks over many years in business. Soon after the beginning of her independent career she was offered a consulting contract for a major private steel wholesale company selling the full product range of the industry, a challenge she was pleased accept. She plunged in an environment where weld cutting, cold cutting, shaping, operating cranes, loading, and offloading trucks were daily routine, and which lead her to achievements that she is often asked about:

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